Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Because Tulips NEVER Go Out Of Style

Just wanted to share a super quick card this week.  Since spring has been playing tricks on us this year, and just cannot decide to lean towards warm and sunny or cool and very wet. . . .I decided to keep on enjoying the tulips.  They are my most favorite flower after all.  My sweet hubby buys them for me whenever he finds them.  I never get tired of tulips.

I used a very old Personal Stamp Exchange stamp that I have loved for years.  I also used lots of Shimmerz Paints Creameez to paint it all.  It was quick and easy!!!

Then for a little added flare. . . . I highlighted my tulips with Shimmerz Paints Blingz.  I also added some drops of paint onto my background.  Then highlighted the word Celebrate with Pixie Dust Blingz as well.

Quick and easy.  It's a busy time for me, so things need to be quick and easy.  Hope this little card inspires you.


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Hope you have a happy "tulip" kind of day.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Busy Month of May

I don't know about you, but each month seems to get crazier than the last.  So for me. . .I have to plan, and I LOVE Happy Planners!!!  OMGOSH, what an addiction.  When my girls and I see that there is a sale on Happy Planner stickers and "stuff". . . we are quick to hit the road and watch the money fly.

What I also love. . .  is that I can use any and all of my Shimmerz Paints products in my planner.   My first love has always been stamping.  So stamping in my planner and using Shimmerz just makes perfect sense in my mind.  Since tulip season has passed. . . .it's time for my 2nd favorite flower. . . Poppies!!!  I used poppy stamps from Rubernecker.com and from Penny Black.

Once I stamped the poppies. . . . I reached for my Shimmerz Paints Acri-Tonez.  These are super fun paints.  They are mixable (which I did), they are super saturated with color. . .AND. . . if you are into mixed media -- there is no need for gesso!  The color combos are endless when you mixed them.  They are a ton-o-fun!!! ***A fun NOTE:  My pages did not wrinkle!!!!

I mixed Orange U Glad and Roses Are Red Acri-Tonez to get a peachy kind of color, and then once I had my flowers painted the way I liked them. . . I watered down my paint to splatter the background and add some drips.  I used Creameez on my stems and buds in Pining For You, and Lettuce Get Together.  Added a little Ride The Tide Creameez in the background . .. . and that was it!  A few more touches with left over Acri-Tonez. . . . don't wanna waste it. . . . and May was turning out to be a pretty month.

One other thing I REALLY like to add to my planner is what I call inspiration cards.  I like to do them double sided.  You know  . . . . .we all have tough days and just need a little reminder that it's all good and it will be ok.  These little inspiration cards do just that.  My Penny Black poppies, and a few background stamps got me started.  Then I finished with inspirational quotes from The Ton stamps.

So even if May brings challenges. . . .it can still make me smile.  I hope you will grab your Shimmerz Paints, and getting started planning out your summer.


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I am planning to do weekly GIVEAWAYS. . . .so spread the word!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Dash of Yellow. . . . . . . and Another Giveaway!

I'm not a person who naturally leans towards the color yellow, but spring time is when I can't get enough of it.  The yellows of spring are so bright and vibrant.  They make me happy!  I'm also happy to host another Shimmerz Paints giveaway.

This card is a representation of the happiness of yellow. . . . and all things spring.

***Be sure to keep reading so you can learn how to win this weeks giveaway.

I like using lots of layers.  So after stamping and painting all my little windows of spring. . . .I stamped and colored them again, only to fussy cut little pieces of each image to layer onto the original.  

For the back ground. . . . of course I needed something yellow.  So I used Yello - It's Me Paste-Eez and a swiss dot stencil to not add some color but more texture.   A little Pixie Dust Blingz on my bees wings along with a few added touches and my card was done.

I know just the person to send this happy card to.  

NOW. . . .for this week's giveaway. . . .
A little dash of yellow!

Here's how you can win. . . . .

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I will announce the winner on Monday. . . May 1st


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Monday, April 17, 2017


Thank you to everyone to entered to win my Shimmerz Paints / Instagram giveaway!!!  The response was AWESOME!!!

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***Beverly Jordan @jordanbev5!!!! 

Congratulations Beverly!  Email me your shipping address to stacshimmerz@me.com and I'll get this prize sent out ASAP.

WAIT!!!!  THERE'S MORE!!!  Another WINNER. . . . 

I will also send. . . . . . Jocelyn Baltazar @creationsbyjoce a jar of Refresh Mint Creameez, Blue Lagoon Inklingz, and Honey Do List Inklingz.  Jocelyn, just email me your shipping address as well, and I'll get your prize shipped out too.

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Happy Creating!!!  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I love a giveaway as much as the next crafter.  The chance to win some crafting goodies always perks me up.  So with that in mind. . .I decided to do a spring time Shimmerz Paints giveaway.  Since Shimmerz Paints are always my go to product. . . I'd thought I'd share the fun of these products.

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Good Luck!!!!

**If you would like to see more about these products and more. . .. you can click HERE

** If you place a Shimmerz Paints order. . . .be sure to mention my name in the ORDER COMMENTS section and I will make sure you receive a FREE jar of Shimmerz Inklingz or Creameez

Monday, April 3, 2017

Hoppin' To Get Ready!!!

Can you believe we have less than 2 weeks until Easter?  YIKES!  Well, with that in mind, I've been hoppin' to get a few little Easter cards ready to give out.  These super quick, super easy little beauties are perfect enclosure cards to include with flowers to a friend.  Or give with a chocolatey Easter Bunny to your favorite bunny.  No matter the reason, these are the kind of little cards that make some-bunny feel special.

I'm so in love with the spring stamp sets from Penny Black.  They are just one of my all time favorite stamp companies.  

This adorable little chick is a favorite of mine.  I actually painted his body with Shimmerz Paints Hold the Mustard Paste-Eez because I wanted him to really stand out and have some texture.  On the back flap of the card, I added a tiny bit of washi tape in that same color so the inside would pop too.

Don't you just love this bunny and hedgehog?  UGH!  So cute!!!  I jazzed them up with Shimmerz Paints Creameez.  Just that tiny bit of shimmer in Creameez gave the life I was looking for.

For my little feathered friend, I used a circle sticker to make her stand out, then added a combination of Shimmerz Paints Inklingz to make those flowers shimmer and shine, and Creameez to her and the basket.  Finally a spritz or two followed by a splatter or two of Jeni B Bleu Vibez from Shimmerz Paints to give the background some pizzaz and shimmer.  A cute sentiment and a few sequins finished it off.

Here are the supplies I used.  There were a few little things like pop dots, or twine that I didn't mention, but you get the idea. . . .I'm sure.

Happy Spring!!!

I will be doing a giveaway very soon.  So be sure to follow me on Instagram (link at the top of the page) and on Facebook.  You could WIN!!!

One final note:  If you would like more information about Shimmerz Paints, or choose to place your order. . . . .be sure to mention my name in the ORDER COMMENTS section, and I'll send you a FREE jar of Creameez or Inklingz with your order, and you can see more from Shimmerz Paints here.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Springing Forward

OMGosh. . . so much time has gone by.  I try to stay up with this blog, and then go off, live life and neglect the poor thing.  So instead of making all kinds of excuses. . . I'm just going to "Spring Forward" and share with you some fun things.

I have reconnected with my first love of crafting. . . . stamping.  It's been years, and although I cleaned out a lot of my stash, I've been able to use some of those vintage stamp designs that I fell in love with years ago.  Of course, like any stamper, if I see something new and super cute. . . it must be added to the collection.  This Easter card is one of my new finds.  I have always loved Penny Black.  I used to stock their stamps in my store (a very, very long time ago).  Over the years, they never seem to loose their flare for beautiful stamps.

I cannot create a card without Shimmerz Paints!  I just can't imagine not including Shimmerz in any creation.

Easter to me, is a time to celebrate our risen Lord, and celebrate new life.  We reach for pastel colors, and have the itch for those sunny, warm days, that haven't quite arrived.  We think of Easter eggs, and candies, those new Easter outfits, and time spent with family.

This adorable bunny inspired me to dust off those pastel colors, and celebrate all that spring is.

My color medium of choice was Shimmerz Creameez.  They are highly pigmented, but have a hint of shimmer to them.  Just enough shimmer to catch the light and make any project pop a little more.

I hand painted the striped background with Ride the Tide, Piggy Pink, and Freshly Minted Creameez, and painted the bottom portion of the background with Ride the Tide.  Once dry, I used a polka-dot stencil and Salt of the Earth Paste-eez to add my textured little dots to complete my background.

Here are the products I used on my little Easter card.  It was super fast, and oh so easy.  Who has time for complicated?  Not me!

If you are inspired by my little bunny card, and want to place a Shimmerz Paints order. . . .you can order HERE.  Mention my name in the ORDER COMMENTS when you order, and I will include a FREE jar of Inklingz or Creameez paint with your order.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. . . . because. . . I will be doing regular GIVE AWAYS!!!!!

In the meantime. . . . Get hoppin' on all those cute spring time cards.  Happy Easter!!!