Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

With the craziness of just everyday life, a business, 3 kids, a husband, and not to mention that Christmas is knocking at our doors earlier than ever. I wanted to take just one moment to pause and reflect on all that I have to be thankful for. I have been blessed in too many ways to list, but am so thankful to the Lord for the love that He so freely extends to me, and the love and support of my family even during times when I completely stress out and just don't deserve it. I am so thankful for my wonderful Shimmerz Design Team and all my customers who have just really made my day so many times.

I wish you all a very, very, blessed Thanksgiving. I hope you can take a minute out of your busy day and look above and be truly thankful.

Only My Very Best!

Perfect Little Curls

I just had to post about Gracie's perfect little curls. Her hair just amazes me. After she get's out of the bathtub, Gracie's clean little curls just bounce. No one in our family has curly hair quite like Gracie. When people ask her where she got her curls, she is so quick to flash a sweet smile and say, "Jesus gave them to me." Don't you just love that?!!!