Friday, April 24, 2009

Please Pray. . .

I really thought that because we homeschool our kids that we wouldn't have to deal with some of the "stuff" that other families have to deal with. Especially in high school. . . there is just so much "stuff" that our kids have to deal with and endure. We have been blessed to avoid the drugs and alcohol and sex issues. We are very grateful for that. I guess I just didn't realize that we would have to deal with the suicide issue.

We got the news today that one of Sami's homeschool buddies committed suicide. They have been friends for several years. She was just I.M ing and texting him a few days ago. They reminisced about the first time they met and how sassy Sami was when he asked if he could sit by her. She said that seat was saved for her imaginary friend (she is sassy). They were fast friends.

Now he's gone. He is just gone. I really don't understand!

Sami is sad. It hasn't really hit her yet. It doesn't seem real. I can only imagine the horrific pain his parents are feeling right now. The tears just keep coming when I think about his family. My heart breaks for them.

Please pray for this boy's family and please pray for Sami. I know she will miss him and the homeschool connection that they shared.

We live in a crazy, mixed up world. We can't protect our kids from it all. We have to trust the Lord to keep them in his care. We just need to love on them every chance we get. Now, I think we have to let them know that they matter and that we care, even if they aren't our own kids. If we wait. . . it could be too late.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thinking Spring

Welcome to our backyard! We have lived in this house for 1 year. We have landscaped, painted every square inch--inside and out and still have a few other projects to do---but---I love my backyard. This time of year our yard is full of sweet smelling pink flowers. I love to go stand under the trees and look up into all that pink glory and just smell the air. Ooohh, there is no way to explain it. It is so wonderful. Can you tell, I'm thrilled that spring has finally come to Boise. My tulips (which are my favorite flower) are in full bloom. They are such happy flowers. Gracie and I get so excited when they start to bloom. We are just enjoying all that spring has brought us. I hope it's sunny where you live!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Proud to be an American

I am going to preface this post with. . . You may not agree with me, but please be respectful of my own convictions and opinions. . .

I have been grieving for our country for some time now. I do not agree with anything our President stands for. I believe with all my heart that the Lord appoints kings and rulers, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I feel that WE the people have lost the ability to be heard. Our government is not an extension of the people. They have their own adgendas and don't much care for what the people that elected them really want or even have to say. We are on the fast track to socialism and I'm sorry, but it scares me silly.

So when I found out that Boise was hosting a T.E.A (Taxed Enough Already) Party at the capitol park on April 15th, I had to go. It was going to be history in the making. I told the kids that they could skip school (whoopee--we homeschool)and that we were going to go to the T.E.A. Party. We didn't go to shout at people. We didn't make signs that offended or hurt people. We went to stand as proud Americans that want Washington D.C. to sit up and take notice that we have had enough.

It was an amazing event. There was no name calling. No hatred (I would have left for sure), no ugly behavior at all. There were about 3,000 Idahoans that came together and sang the National Anthem and displayed the Constitution and stood by it.

When we left, Sami and Kaleb both said they were so glad they went and that today, they were proud to be Americans. I was touched and extrememly proud of them.

It was an awesome day!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're Back!!

We have been back for a week now and I still feel behind. BUT---let me tell you---we had an amazing time on vacation. Maybe that's why I still feel behind. I still want to be in California.

We were gone for 10 days, so let's start at the beginning. My parents went with us which was the best of blessings. I've always wanted my kids to experience a trip with their grandparents. There just aren't enough words to express all the memories made for all of us.

We started things off with a couple of days at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Valley Center, CA (close to Escondido). We were able to visit with my cousin Kevin, Wendy and their adorable girls Mandy and Aubrey. Needless to say they all have a wide variety of animals. Otters, wallabies (spelling?), turtles, horses, cats, dogs, snakes,foxes and the list goes on. It was like going to our own private zoo. My Aunt is currently hand raising 3 baby foxes. You can often see my cousins otters on Jay Leno and other talk shows. How cool it that!? Oh, and can I say there is no way you can beat the view from both homes. It was amazing! We really enjoyed seeing all of them.

We spent a day at Sea World. It was a bit cool, so jackets were required. We saw the ever famous Shamu and all his sea critter friends. It was a great time. Thanks so much for the tickets Kevin!

Then off to Anahiem. We spent several days at Disneyland. We must have walked 20 miles. We celebrated Sami's 17th birthday. We saw lots of characters, rode LOTS of rides and just tried to fit it all in. We spent another day at California Adventure. I absolutely love the California Screamin rollercoaster. Holy Cow!! That thing takes off like a shot and goes 60 mph up down and around and around. So cool. Poor Gracie was too little, but Dave and I rode on that over and over again. We both love rollercoasters. My mom thought I was nuts!

Our last day we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for lunch. I can't tell you how thrilled I was. I L-O-V-E Forrest Gump. It's my all time favorite movie. I love all things Forrest Gump. So lunch there was a hightlight for me. The food was great and the whole experience was awesome. I stocked up on Forrest Gump T-shirts and knick-knacks at the gift shop and of course took loads of pictures. :o)

Then off to the beach. It was over cast and a bit cool, but we took off chasing the waves and looking for sea shells. All was great until. . . Gracie got hit by a big wave. It flattened her. She was both wet and full of sand and to top it off now cold. Then Sam realized that she had lost her phone. Why she was texting on the beach. . . I don't know, but it was lost. We combed the beach in all directions. Unfortunately the tide was coming in and her phone must have washed out into the water. We tried to make light of it, by telling her that the fish would be texting her. But to her it was like loosing a limb. It was the end of the world.

We left for home the next day, tired, smiling and so incredibly grateful for the trip and all the memories.

We had such a great time we are thinking of going back this fall. We'll see, but it gives us lots to look forward to.

So back to the routine. School, work, and all that goes with. It really is nice to be home.