Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer FUN

Look at those adorable little faces! Ugh!! You just want to squeeze them. Gracie (center) got to go over to her girlfriends house for a lunch playdate. She had a BLAST! All five of them swam, ate and played and then played some more. It was such a great day. I was able to chat with Andrea and Amanda (the mom's) and catch up. I've really missed them and was once again reminded how much they mean to me.

I'm thinking that Gracie and Maddy (right of Gracie) are going to be long time friends. They just have so much in common. They love . . . anything pink, Barbies, babies and all things girlie. Plus, they are the same size which for Gracie is a tender spot. Because she is so tiny, she doesn't feel like she fits in. So having such a super friend that is the same size. . . WOW! . . . she hit the jackpot!

What does one teenage boy and one big club have in common?. . . . . Together they can really WHACK a ball.

Kaleb LOVES golf! We really slacked last summer and didn't continue with the Jr. Golf Association or lessons, so this summer he's a bit rusty. We've got refresher lessons up a going again this year. He's also going to be involved in First Tee of Idaho. He's got the knack. He really is very good. And with his hearing loss it's the perfect sport for him. He and Papa like to go out and play 9 holes whenever they can. They really have a lot of fun. Me. . . I really don't get the whole sport. You whack that little ball towards a teeny-tiny little hole that you really can't even see, only to get it in the sand trap (or kitty litter as I call it). Oh and let's not forget those man made lakes they stategically place in your way. It's hot and you just chase a ball for miles all the way around the course. And they call that FUN?! Chasing around an air-conditioned mall---now---that's fun and no ball is needed. No lugging around a heavy bag of clubs, just a heavy bag with my debit card in it. Tee-hee-hee!
I really am the supportive mom. I'm happy to shlep him out there on a hot day and watch him. I won't shlep those golf clubs though. BUT. . . I will pay for the cart and scoot him around the course. AND. . . I am excellent at hollaring . . . "FORE"!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I Lost It At Target

NOTE** As I begin this post, keep in mind, we homeschool our children.

I love back to school time. It has to be my most favorite time of the year. It's not because my kids will be leaving the house everyday for school---because they don't. It's not because I get to have all kinds of time to myself----cause I won't. It's because of the SCHOOL SUPPLIES! I am obsessed with school supplies.

We went to Target yesterday, and I went nuts. Dave has learned over the years to just let me go crazy or he might draw back a bloody stump (just kidding). He actually has learned that if he adds to my frenzy that it only makes me happier.

*New crayons -- check
*New pens -- check
*Loads of paper -- check
*New paints -- check
*New erasers -- check of course!
*Glue sticks
Check, check, check, and the list goes on.

Gracie wants a Hello Kitty binder? Of course she can have it! Kaleb wants a Kobe Bryant journal? You bet! Even Sami got in on my crazy action, and she graduated last January. You never know, she might really need that cute 3 subject notebook for her photography class, or something.

Then we lugged it all home (I won't say how many bags) and I laid "some" of my loot out to recap my school supply fix. Took one look and, YES, I was very pleased. So I snapped a picture to show you my joyful spree at Target. (The rest is still in a bag)

Is it an illness? Maybe. Am I obsessive? Maybe ---- most likely. BUT I had SO-O-O much fun!

Have I lost it? Let me know what you think. ((((HUGS)))))

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Summer COLORZ

We've done it again. We have 2 new Shimmerz colors --Tickle Me Turquoise, and Jilted Jade. A new Blingz color -- Island Salsa, and a new Spritz color -- Caribbean Sunset. They will be released on July 21st. There will also be some fun on the Shimmerz blog in addition to this release. FUN colors have to include FUN on the blog and the Design Team too. Be sure to check it all out. Let me know if you like the colors. I really want to know.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A New Must See Blog

I can always send people to amazing blogs that are centered on stamping, scrapping and general crafting. I know a lot of extremely talented people. I am priveledged to know them.

It isn't often that I recommend a blog, a new blog that is centered around Christ. A no nonsense blog that isn't concerned with being politically correct or busied with watering down the word of God. No, no, no this blog is truly and honest look at God and who He really is and how we as believers should revere Him. This blog is like a breath of fresh air.

I invite you to go to Be ready to be blessed. I am hungry for each new post. I hope you will visit this blog too.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Face of Zanax

The kids and I were all sick this week. So we got very little done. I have some cute pictures of Gracie and Vacation Bible School that I'll post very soon.
Our 4th of July was pretty quiet, since Kaleb and I were still on the sniffly, coughing side. So we stayed home and BBQed hamburgers and did our own fireworks with the neighbors. Poor Sadie. Our basset hound is absoultely terrified of fireworks. Last year she ate through our fence and broke through the screened window. She was troubled for about 3 weeks after the 4th of July. So this year I kept her in, I turned up the TV's and kept the lights on while I went outside in hopes that she would do better. She did do better. No chewing, no broken windows, just a completely freaked out dog. I felt so bad for her. I ended up going in the house and missing some of the festivities so I could tend to my dog. Well, what do you do in times of extreme anxiety? You pull the Zanax and medicate not me, but the dog (according to the doggy therapist). It worked! Wow, did it work. She had no worries. I felt so bad for her, but Tee-Hee-Hee, we just had to laugh at the effect it had on her.

I hope you all had a super great 4th of July holiday. I hope you were able to enjoy the day with friends and family and reflect on our freedom.