Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer FUN

Look at those adorable little faces! Ugh!! You just want to squeeze them. Gracie (center) got to go over to her girlfriends house for a lunch playdate. She had a BLAST! All five of them swam, ate and played and then played some more. It was such a great day. I was able to chat with Andrea and Amanda (the mom's) and catch up. I've really missed them and was once again reminded how much they mean to me.

I'm thinking that Gracie and Maddy (right of Gracie) are going to be long time friends. They just have so much in common. They love . . . anything pink, Barbies, babies and all things girlie. Plus, they are the same size which for Gracie is a tender spot. Because she is so tiny, she doesn't feel like she fits in. So having such a super friend that is the same size. . . WOW! . . . she hit the jackpot!

What does one teenage boy and one big club have in common?. . . . . Together they can really WHACK a ball.

Kaleb LOVES golf! We really slacked last summer and didn't continue with the Jr. Golf Association or lessons, so this summer he's a bit rusty. We've got refresher lessons up a going again this year. He's also going to be involved in First Tee of Idaho. He's got the knack. He really is very good. And with his hearing loss it's the perfect sport for him. He and Papa like to go out and play 9 holes whenever they can. They really have a lot of fun. Me. . . I really don't get the whole sport. You whack that little ball towards a teeny-tiny little hole that you really can't even see, only to get it in the sand trap (or kitty litter as I call it). Oh and let's not forget those man made lakes they stategically place in your way. It's hot and you just chase a ball for miles all the way around the course. And they call that FUN?! Chasing around an air-conditioned mall---now---that's fun and no ball is needed. No lugging around a heavy bag of clubs, just a heavy bag with my debit card in it. Tee-hee-hee!
I really am the supportive mom. I'm happy to shlep him out there on a hot day and watch him. I won't shlep those golf clubs though. BUT. . . I will pay for the cart and scoot him around the course. AND. . . I am excellent at hollaring . . . "FORE"!!!!!


ellie said...

Love the pics....esp. all the girls....gosh, that brings back some good childhood memories! those were the days!

Amanda said...

Oh, I need a copy of that picture! I'm so glad we got together, it's fun chating and I always feel better after talking through things with you guys. Thanks for years of friendship. Let's get together again soon!

Andrea said...

Look at those cutie pies!! Crazy to think this is where life has brough us...right back where we started :) We LOVED having you guys over and catching up. And, I love that Maddy and Gracie are beginning what I too believe will be a long time friendship. Maddy can hardly wait for Tuesday to arrive!

And Caleb...what a handsome young man he is!

Lori Barnett said...

Fun pics Stacey!

Leslie Ashe said...

OOHHH how fun!! Your pics are fabulous!! :D
My son is also a golfer! He's on his High School fun!!