Monday, January 26, 2009

I Have Seen the Light

I have seen the sun! I had the most amazing morning. I dropped Sami off at BSU this morning and was then able to go have the morning all to myself. I stopped by Starbucks, got a huge cup of coffee, then went to the park and sat in the sunlight and read my Bible. I was able to enjoy the quiet and the sun. I walked in the park and breathed in the cold air. I watched the ducks swimming in the fridged water and the squirrels scamper in the snow. It was so wonderful! I feel like a new person. I learned today that I really need to stop every now and then, and just be me. I also learned that I need to spend some peaceful time with my maker, to reflect on just how much He loves me. I wish the same for you!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Looking for the sunshine

I am so tired of cloudy gloomy days. It's really starting to get to me. It's been about two weeks since I've seen the sun. Between an ugly, yucky inversion and just normal winter weather the sun has gone MIA. I miss it so much and my mood is proof. My kids keep asking if I'm tired or if something is wrong. I'm trying hard not to be moody and grouchy, but it's getting hard. If anyone has seen the sun. . . please send it to my house. . . I miss it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Sweet Husband. . .

Dave and I have been doing some car shopping. UGH! I absolutely hate car shopping. The only thing I dislike more is grocery shopping. Thank the Lord, Dave likes grocery shopping, so he does that. He thinks it's relaxing. Please, the spa is relaxing! I have to ask. . . what's worse. . . grocery shopping or starving? Hhmmm???

Anyway, his jeep died and so we faced the car lots looking for another car. Well, I saw a GMC Envoy and loved it. It had all the toys and fun stuff in it, but my van works great and "he" needed the new car.

Well, he came home last night and suprised me with that car! He said he would take my van and he bought the new car for me. Can you believe him? I always knew he was the sweetest man (just ask my Mom. . . she thinks he's pretty close to perfection), but this knocked my socks off.

I'm always so thankful to Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful husband. He really is a gift to me.

I still can't believe he did that for me. Don't you just love him?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Graduation Sami!

Dave and I are so extremely proud to announce that Sami has graduated from High School. She has worked so hard. She took summer classes and put in extra hours to graduate 1 1/2 years early. So we had a big party for her on Saturday. We invited family friends, her babysitters from when she was a baby, and of course her friends and our family. It was so fun! We had lots of food and because it was an open house, people came and went throughout the afternoon.

I think about it and start to cry. I just can't believe she's on her way to a new life. Am I really that old??!! Ugh! She's already chosen a school that she wants to attend. Thankfully, she chose a school here in Boise and will be staying home. My heart can't handle her moving out yet. :o)

My parents gave Sam the cutest gift. My mom is famous in our family for being, shall we say, creative with gifts. She gave Sam an old pen wrapped in three different boxes. The card read, "Sami, we hope you can use this to begin writing a new chapter in your life." Well, the best part is that the pen didn't work, because inside the pen was a rolled up $100.00 bill. It was so cute. Sami couldn't figure out why Grammy and Papa would give her an old pen that didn't work. It was priceless!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Join the FUN

I was thinking about Gracie's Build A Bear Valentines Day party and thought it would be fun for lots of kids to join in. So here's the scoop! Gracie and Puppy (her favorite Build A Bear) want to send each child and "friend" a Valentine that e-mail me their address. So Gracie will send a Valentine to the child and Puppy will send a Valentine to the "friend". BUT. . . Gracie and Puppy each need to receive a Valentine in return. Did I explain that well?

I think it will be so fun for lots of kids. They get to send and receive loads of Happy Mail. It will be so fun for the kids to get the mail from the mail box. Anyone can join the fun. The more the merrier. So get me your address, your child's name and your child's "friends" name and I will e-mail you our address.

Here's to a super fun Valentines Day for all our kids!

Email me at

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year - - - Blingz!

I am so bad! This is my first post since November -- UGH! Can you believe that? My New Years resolution among other things is to stay up on my own blog. So hold me to it. Okay?

We had a great holiday season, but I really was ready to move onto an new year. I have plans for my family and plans for my business and both needed a new year to kick it into gear.

I am thrilled that today we released 4 new Blingz colors. . . Hottie Pink, Flashee Fuchsia, Hi-Ho Silver and Pixie Dust. We wanted really fun new colors for Valentines Day. I L-O-V-E Valentines Day. I love the colors, all the hearts and the sentiments that go with the holiday. You see all the hearts and you just want to love and kiss on those who mean the most to you. UGH -- I just love it!! I even like to go buy those cheesy little Valentines for my kids. Kaleb and Sami are a bit old for them, but I buy them anyway. They can just give one to me on Valentines Day and I'm thrilled. Of course, Gracie shares my enthusiam for those little cards. We are planning a party with all her Build A Bear Friends and they will exchange little Valentines.

Sami, Gracie and I have so much fun making Valentines too. I went to Archivers and spent a ridiculous amount of money on stickers and brads and paper and all the fun little things to make Valentines (thanks for the help Kim!). Somehow we manage to get Kaleb involved too. It's so fun!