Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year - - - Blingz!

I am so bad! This is my first post since November -- UGH! Can you believe that? My New Years resolution among other things is to stay up on my own blog. So hold me to it. Okay?

We had a great holiday season, but I really was ready to move onto an new year. I have plans for my family and plans for my business and both needed a new year to kick it into gear.

I am thrilled that today we released 4 new Blingz colors. . . Hottie Pink, Flashee Fuchsia, Hi-Ho Silver and Pixie Dust. We wanted really fun new colors for Valentines Day. I L-O-V-E Valentines Day. I love the colors, all the hearts and the sentiments that go with the holiday. You see all the hearts and you just want to love and kiss on those who mean the most to you. UGH -- I just love it!! I even like to go buy those cheesy little Valentines for my kids. Kaleb and Sami are a bit old for them, but I buy them anyway. They can just give one to me on Valentines Day and I'm thrilled. Of course, Gracie shares my enthusiam for those little cards. We are planning a party with all her Build A Bear Friends and they will exchange little Valentines.

Sami, Gracie and I have so much fun making Valentines too. I went to Archivers and spent a ridiculous amount of money on stickers and brads and paper and all the fun little things to make Valentines (thanks for the help Kim!). Somehow we manage to get Kaleb involved too. It's so fun!

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LoRi said...

The teddy bear party sounds so cute! Tell Gracie that I will exchange Valentines with her!