Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Join the FUN

I was thinking about Gracie's Build A Bear Valentines Day party and thought it would be fun for lots of kids to join in. So here's the scoop! Gracie and Puppy (her favorite Build A Bear) want to send each child and "friend" a Valentine that e-mail me their address. So Gracie will send a Valentine to the child and Puppy will send a Valentine to the "friend". BUT. . . Gracie and Puppy each need to receive a Valentine in return. Did I explain that well?

I think it will be so fun for lots of kids. They get to send and receive loads of Happy Mail. It will be so fun for the kids to get the mail from the mail box. Anyone can join the fun. The more the merrier. So get me your address, your child's name and your child's "friends" name and I will e-mail you our address.

Here's to a super fun Valentines Day for all our kids!

Email me at mcelyea@q.com


Amanda said...

What a cute idea! We're in, the girls are so excited.

Kelly said...

I know my kids will want to play along. Will we get the addresses of all the kids who join in?

Andrea said...

Hey Stacey!! Didn't even know you had a blog until my sister shared this fun idea you are doing on hers. My kids would love to play along! It's such a fantastic idea!! I'll email you our address.

Mireille said...

totally cute idea!!!
and your lil one looks BEYOND cute!

Lori Barnett said...

Cute idea! And she is just adorable :)