Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've Got A Secret!!

I've got a secret!!! No mom, I'm not pregnant. I am so excited, we are releasing three new Shimmerz colors starting Aug. 15th. They are perfect for the fall season. I won't say what the new colors are just yet, but no one will be disappointed. They are limited and only available for a short time, and they are unlike any colors we've had before. YEAH! Keep watching, and I'll spill the beans soon on the color names.

I got a new toy yesterday. I got a Cannon Rebel camera and can't wait to use it. I was going to go out today to break it in, but thought otherwise because 1. it's so stinkin hot, and 2. I deemed today an "ugly" day. An "ugly" day is when you get out of bed, brush your teeth, put on really comfy clothes, put your hair up into a ponytail, and call it an "ugly" day. There is no make-up, no fussing with the hair, no carefully choosing an outfit (which is hard for me because I can't make decisions) and no going outside the house, because I don't want to scare small children. I love "ugly" days, and don't get them very often. So I take advantage of it when I can. Gracie came into my room this morning, took one look at me and said,"Mommy, are we just going to be ugly today?" I said, "You bet, and we're going to make the most of it." She just laughed said I was silly and went on her way. So soon enough I will venture out and play with my new toy.

My day

It has taken me forever to publish a post to this blog - UGH! I am so not computer literate (it's truly sad), but I can do some things, that is if they work correctly. Hopefully, I have the bugs worked out now. It's been a busy week, lots of chiro appointments for my on-going headaches (thank you lady who rear ended me last week), trying to keep the kids somewhat entertained and staying up on all thats happening with Shimmerz. I stopped by Target today. I absolutely love that store! I could really go crazy in there. I think I could completely stock and decorate a house with everything that is Target. My idea of a perfect date with my hubby is going out to dinner, having wonderful conversation and then ending up at Target. Is that sad? I love to just stroll down each isle and just see what's sitting there waiting for me. Love it!

I want you to meet my cute family. My husband Dave, Sami, Kaleb and little miss Gracie. They are my joy and I am thankful each and everyday for them.

Miss Gracie is our ray of sunshine. She is always happy and always full of "it".

Kaleb the squirrel master (hey, you've gotta be good a somethin') :o) is my sweet spirited boy who loves his mama and his Lord.

Sami and her boyfriend Brian had a special night out last week. They are too stinkin' cute!