Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My day

It has taken me forever to publish a post to this blog - UGH! I am so not computer literate (it's truly sad), but I can do some things, that is if they work correctly. Hopefully, I have the bugs worked out now. It's been a busy week, lots of chiro appointments for my on-going headaches (thank you lady who rear ended me last week), trying to keep the kids somewhat entertained and staying up on all thats happening with Shimmerz. I stopped by Target today. I absolutely love that store! I could really go crazy in there. I think I could completely stock and decorate a house with everything that is Target. My idea of a perfect date with my hubby is going out to dinner, having wonderful conversation and then ending up at Target. Is that sad? I love to just stroll down each isle and just see what's sitting there waiting for me. Love it!


Robyn said...

Would you direct me to the number/address to order this product wholesale. Thanks

Amanda said...

Hey, I talked to Sam today...and finally got to your blog. It looks great! I love the shimmerz blog, it's getting a lot of attention. How exciting!!

Hope you're feeling better. Talk to you soon.