Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

With the craziness of just everyday life, a business, 3 kids, a husband, and not to mention that Christmas is knocking at our doors earlier than ever. I wanted to take just one moment to pause and reflect on all that I have to be thankful for. I have been blessed in too many ways to list, but am so thankful to the Lord for the love that He so freely extends to me, and the love and support of my family even during times when I completely stress out and just don't deserve it. I am so thankful for my wonderful Shimmerz Design Team and all my customers who have just really made my day so many times.

I wish you all a very, very, blessed Thanksgiving. I hope you can take a minute out of your busy day and look above and be truly thankful.

Only My Very Best!

Perfect Little Curls

I just had to post about Gracie's perfect little curls. Her hair just amazes me. After she get's out of the bathtub, Gracie's clean little curls just bounce. No one in our family has curly hair quite like Gracie. When people ask her where she got her curls, she is so quick to flash a sweet smile and say, "Jesus gave them to me." Don't you just love that?!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Limited Edition Colors

I am so thrilled at the response of the Limited Edition Shimmerz colors. All three colors were equally popular. I hope everyone was able to get them while they were available. It was kinda sad yesterday putting them away.
BUT. . .
Don't be sad, because Dave is cooking up something completely awesome for the holiday season! I told him I wanted something (of course I can't tell you yet) really special, and of course he came through. It's so pretty and I am so excited to release my surprise. Stay tuned to the Shimmerz blog . It's coming really soon!
I hope you are having a happy fall season. I love the fall! It truly is my favorite time of the year.
Hopefully, this weekend the weather will be nice enough to go to the pumkin patch and the corn maze. I'll be sure to post pictures. Tell me what fun things you're doing. I'd love to hear about it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe it's been a month since my last post!! Time just seems to fly by. Yesterday, Dave and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. Can you believe he's put up with me for that long?! We've had so many ups and downs along the way, but I would marry him in a minute all over again. He truly is my very best friend. He knows me better than I know myself. When I'm really stressed and spread too thin, he just knows and tells me that I need to tackle one thing at a time and to quit biting my lip (that's a dead give-away). He is even able to help me sort through all my stress and hurt and sometimes failures better than I can do it for myself. He is such a gift from God. I love him so much!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last Weeks Lunch

I mentioned last week that I was having lunch with my best friend who was in town from California. Denise and I had the best time. I'm sure that the poor waitress was sick of us by the time we left. We were content to just sit and visit, occasionally asking if they needed the table. It was so nice to be able to share our thoughts, our struggles, our joys and our faith. I miss her terribly and hope she can move back home soon. I hope you all have the blessing of a "sister" like friend you just loves you unconditionally. God Bless!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I just can't believe summer is over. It went by so fast. We spent our last "summer" weekend with my parents visiting. We went to Bruneau Sand Dunes on Saturday to celebrate Kaleb's 13th birthday. It was the perfect weather to climb the dunes, not too hot and a little bit of a breeze. Yes, I hauled my fannie up the dunes. I thought I'd die before I got to the top. Of course I had to go the short way up, straight up, instead to going the gradual, easier way. We had a BBQ with my nephew Josh. He's such a cutie. Yes ladies, he's an Airforce guy stationed in Mountain Home, who is very available and such a sweetie. His Aunt Stacey thinks the absolute world of him!

On Sunday Kaleb played with his new Wii, which my mother was green with envy over. She is going to be 65 in October and has wanted a Wii for the longest time. She played and played and just had the best time. So my 71 year old Dad went out (with Kaleb of course) and bought her a Wii for her birthday and gave it to her early. I'm telling you it was the biggest crack up. She was absolutely thrilled! She is for sure a groovy Grammie.

I hope you all made fun, fun memories. I want to hear all about it.
Mr. Hottie (Josh), Gracie and my Dad.
Mom and the birthday boy.
Finally made it to the top and still smilin'.

Friday, August 29, 2008

What A Week!

Whew! What a crazy week, and school hasn't even started for us. We start on September 2nd. I swear I spent the whole week just running from here to there. My best friend Denise came into town this week. We had dinner with her and her hubby and really had so much fun. It made me miss her even more. Biz with Shimmerz has been really busy and I am so so very grateful. I love visiting with people about Shimmerz, even if it's just by e-mail. I love hearing about how someone tried Shimmerz and they OOOH and AAWW and tell me about what they've done with them. I absolutely love it!!!

This weekend my parents are coming into town for the long weekend and to celebrate Kaleb's 13th birthday (early). We're all going to go spend the day on Saturday at Bruneau Sand Dunes. It should be a lot of fun. If nothing else we'll just eat and throw sand at each other. I just still can't believe my sweet boy is turning 13. Now we'll have 2 teenagers and 1 preschooler in the house. UGH! Talk about complete opposites of the scale. :o)

Okay, gotta run (again today). Lunch with my girlfriend before she leaves and weekend prep. Tell my about all your Labor Day plans. I'd love to hear from you!

I'll post pictures of our fun.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Family Pictures --- So Cute!

Wow! I have had a love hate relationship with my computer all day. I spent much more time than I had planned trying to print new pictures for frames to hang. Dave and I painted our family room Saturday. Yes, I know I just painted it two months ago, but it just needed to be warmed up. And well, being in the paint biz, what better way to warm up a room than with a "new" color of paint. So now I need to hang the frames with fresh and shining faces of our kids. I got it done (Mom you'll be proud). But again, it took longer than I wanted it to.

So-o-o is everyone just dying to see the new Shimmerz colors? Tee-Hee-Hee, I know something you don't know. I am so excited to release them, and just can't wait to hear if they are loved as much as I love them. Just a little hint for anyone who has been in my "newly" painted house, two of the colors are based on the colors I used in my house.

I know the Shimmerz Design Team is going to produce some really awesome work. I'm telling you these ladies are super talented. Be sure to let me know what you think. I hope you all have fun with them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mom's New Toy Put to Good Use

I finally had an opportunity to use my new camera. LOVE IT! I was shocked at the detail it was able to capture. We went to Kathryn Albertson park on Sunday and took a ton of pictures. We needed some new, updated family pictures and just had a great time doing it. I was thrilled, I only had to growl "smile, like you mean it" a couple of times. :o) And every now and then tell Kaleb to smile like he saw a really cute girl. Yep, it worked. I love taking pictures of my kids. They're all so dang cute. Dave and I have been truly blessed. It's been a long day and I'm ready to crash. I'll add more pictures tomorrow. Wait til you see how it captured all of Gracie's curls. Oh my goodness!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've Got A Secret!!

I've got a secret!!! No mom, I'm not pregnant. I am so excited, we are releasing three new Shimmerz colors starting Aug. 15th. They are perfect for the fall season. I won't say what the new colors are just yet, but no one will be disappointed. They are limited and only available for a short time, and they are unlike any colors we've had before. YEAH! Keep watching, and I'll spill the beans soon on the color names.

I got a new toy yesterday. I got a Cannon Rebel camera and can't wait to use it. I was going to go out today to break it in, but thought otherwise because 1. it's so stinkin hot, and 2. I deemed today an "ugly" day. An "ugly" day is when you get out of bed, brush your teeth, put on really comfy clothes, put your hair up into a ponytail, and call it an "ugly" day. There is no make-up, no fussing with the hair, no carefully choosing an outfit (which is hard for me because I can't make decisions) and no going outside the house, because I don't want to scare small children. I love "ugly" days, and don't get them very often. So I take advantage of it when I can. Gracie came into my room this morning, took one look at me and said,"Mommy, are we just going to be ugly today?" I said, "You bet, and we're going to make the most of it." She just laughed said I was silly and went on her way. So soon enough I will venture out and play with my new toy.

My day

It has taken me forever to publish a post to this blog - UGH! I am so not computer literate (it's truly sad), but I can do some things, that is if they work correctly. Hopefully, I have the bugs worked out now. It's been a busy week, lots of chiro appointments for my on-going headaches (thank you lady who rear ended me last week), trying to keep the kids somewhat entertained and staying up on all thats happening with Shimmerz. I stopped by Target today. I absolutely love that store! I could really go crazy in there. I think I could completely stock and decorate a house with everything that is Target. My idea of a perfect date with my hubby is going out to dinner, having wonderful conversation and then ending up at Target. Is that sad? I love to just stroll down each isle and just see what's sitting there waiting for me. Love it!

I want you to meet my cute family. My husband Dave, Sami, Kaleb and little miss Gracie. They are my joy and I am thankful each and everyday for them.

Miss Gracie is our ray of sunshine. She is always happy and always full of "it".

Kaleb the squirrel master (hey, you've gotta be good a somethin') :o) is my sweet spirited boy who loves his mama and his Lord.

Sami and her boyfriend Brian had a special night out last week. They are too stinkin' cute!