Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I just can't believe summer is over. It went by so fast. We spent our last "summer" weekend with my parents visiting. We went to Bruneau Sand Dunes on Saturday to celebrate Kaleb's 13th birthday. It was the perfect weather to climb the dunes, not too hot and a little bit of a breeze. Yes, I hauled my fannie up the dunes. I thought I'd die before I got to the top. Of course I had to go the short way up, straight up, instead to going the gradual, easier way. We had a BBQ with my nephew Josh. He's such a cutie. Yes ladies, he's an Airforce guy stationed in Mountain Home, who is very available and such a sweetie. His Aunt Stacey thinks the absolute world of him!

On Sunday Kaleb played with his new Wii, which my mother was green with envy over. She is going to be 65 in October and has wanted a Wii for the longest time. She played and played and just had the best time. So my 71 year old Dad went out (with Kaleb of course) and bought her a Wii for her birthday and gave it to her early. I'm telling you it was the biggest crack up. She was absolutely thrilled! She is for sure a groovy Grammie.

I hope you all made fun, fun memories. I want to hear all about it.

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Lori Barnett said...

We have dunes here...but I've never gone. I totally laughted about the Wii!! VERY SWEET story :)