Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mom's New Toy Put to Good Use

I finally had an opportunity to use my new camera. LOVE IT! I was shocked at the detail it was able to capture. We went to Kathryn Albertson park on Sunday and took a ton of pictures. We needed some new, updated family pictures and just had a great time doing it. I was thrilled, I only had to growl "smile, like you mean it" a couple of times. :o) And every now and then tell Kaleb to smile like he saw a really cute girl. Yep, it worked. I love taking pictures of my kids. They're all so dang cute. Dave and I have been truly blessed. It's been a long day and I'm ready to crash. I'll add more pictures tomorrow. Wait til you see how it captured all of Gracie's curls. Oh my goodness!

1 comment:

Kim Ross said...

Gorgeous photo! Looks like you're already ahead of the learning curve with your new toy. :)