Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Big Day at the McElyea's

My baby is growing up and I HATE it! Gracie came to me a couple weeks ago and said, "Mommy, I have two loose teeth!" My response was, "Oh Wow!", thinking I had lots of time. Hhhmmm--not so much. She worked on both those teeth at the same time and in record time and before I knew it they were gone. I kept saying, "WAIT!, I'm not ready." She was so proud of herself because she got two teeth out and Sami and Kaleb only pulled one at a time. I was happy for her, but secretly mourning those first little teeth that came as a baby. . . my baby. UGH! It's so silly, but so incredibly hard to watch her grow up so fast.

Well, the Tooth Fairy came and left $5.00 along with lots of Fairy Dust. She was happy about the money, but over the moon over the Fairy Dust. She informed me tonight that the Fairy Dust was going to stay on her dresser forever and if we move she will scoop it up and take it with us. How cute is that!?

She'll always be my baby. That's a title that will never go away. I'll always call her "Baby Mac". She may hate it when she's 16, but I hope she'll always know that there is something special about being the baby.


Lori Barnett said...

I know what you mean...I wish they could stay litte forever! How fun that she got fairy dust to treasure ;)

Audrey said...

What an adorable little girl!! I understand what you mean about she will always be my "baby". My baby is now going to have her third baby! So hard to believe she is all grown up married and a Mom too. I miss the days when the girls were little, doesn't seems that long ago!

Amanda said...

I love this stage, when they have the cutest, toothless grins! When Abigail lost her two front teeth, it me awhile to get use to seeing her that way.