Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bad Blogger. . .Bad. . .Bad. . .Bad!!!

I can't make excuses. . . well I could, but I know better. Blogging just hasn't been a huge priority for me lately. I get caught up in all of lifes craziness and then before I know it, a month (or two) has gone by. YIKES!

Well, lots of stuff going on at my house. Let's see. . .

*Shimmerz (of course), we have a new Shimmerz Pearlz color release next week. Oops! Spilled the beans. lol Be on the look out for those. Dave outdid himself of these babies!

*Gracie got her ears pierced (finally). I guess the 4th time is a charm. :) She was also a model in her first fashion show for Dillards. Super fun!

*Kaleb is golf crazy again. Just would be really nice if the weather would somehow cooperate. It's really not fun playing golf and trying to learn some mad skills when the wind blows 40mph and then the hail kicks in. It seems like every Mon. and Wed. the weather is yucky. Kaleb is also making noises about drivers ed. Eeep!!!

Sami turned 18!!! She's legal (as she puts it). She was talking about moving out with some friends, but hopefully the financial reality of that will smack her and she'll put that off for a couple of years. My heart can't take that!

Dave and is getting grayer each day, but still just as charming. He cracks me up. What a funny, sweet guy!

I'm FINALLY doing well. Had a couple of complications from the Splenda, but doing so much better. The anxiety is gone, the depression is gone, food doesn't take like dirt anymore (although I won't complain about the 20lbs I lost), I don't ache, and I actually have some energy again. Of course I wish I had the energy of a 20 year old, but let's be realistic! I've even been creating again. I've missed that soooo much! I'll post a picture very soon.

I have lots of pictures to share and I will. I just need to make some kind of collage to consolidate them.

Thank you so much for all your sweet words of comfort and support during my little Splenda breakdown. Your prayers . . . I can never thank you enough for those. You all are such a blessing to me.



Andrea said...

Horray for Shimmerz!!! Can't wait to see the new color! I need to order some more Shimmerz! I use it on about everything these days and I am running low :)

And, horray Gracie!!! I am so proud of her! We need to get her and Maddy together soon.

Glad to hear you are all doing well!

Lori Barnett said...

Good Girl....Good...Good...Good!!! ;) HUGS xxxxx