Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Because Tulips NEVER Go Out Of Style

Just wanted to share a super quick card this week.  Since spring has been playing tricks on us this year, and just cannot decide to lean towards warm and sunny or cool and very wet. . . .I decided to keep on enjoying the tulips.  They are my most favorite flower after all.  My sweet hubby buys them for me whenever he finds them.  I never get tired of tulips.

I used a very old Personal Stamp Exchange stamp that I have loved for years.  I also used lots of Shimmerz Paints Creameez to paint it all.  It was quick and easy!!!

Then for a little added flare. . . . I highlighted my tulips with Shimmerz Paints Blingz.  I also added some drops of paint onto my background.  Then highlighted the word Celebrate with Pixie Dust Blingz as well.

Quick and easy.  It's a busy time for me, so things need to be quick and easy.  Hope this little card inspires you.


If you make a Shimmerz Paints order. . . BE SURE to mention this post in the Order Comments sections before you submit your order.  
I will be sure to send you a FREE jar of paint with your order.


Hope you have a happy "tulip" kind of day.

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