Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Celebration and an Update

The birthday boy. I just can't believe he's 14. Soon the girls will be at my door. UGH!

I love this picture. I don't have a picture of me with my GUYS. Handsome dudes--huh?
Nothing like a brand new shiney set of golf clubs to complete the day.

September 9, 1995 was a very special day for me. The Lord blessed Dave and I with a sweet little boy. Our only boy. He is still our sweet boy, just not so little anymore. He's almost as tall as I am. We celebrated at one of Kaleb's fave restaurants, TGI Fridays. We ate and ate and laughed and had a super evening. He was so excited and surprised to get new golf clubs. He has outgrown is old set and desparately needed a new one. He will start in the First Tee of Idaho next week, so new clubs were in order. Can you say college scholarship? Yes, indeed. . . that's what we're going for.
I spent much of the day quietly remembering Kaleb as a baby, then a little boy and now a teenager. He is still a joy in every way. He's an amazing kid! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALEB!!!
Now for an UPDATE: I am doing better. I wish I could say I was doing great, but not quite yet. I am hopeful that soon I can give a GREAT report. I had 4 really good days last week. I had some energy, I could make simple decisions, I was sleeping, it was wonderful. Then for some strange reason, it all went downhill. I've been really working hard on making some life style changes, changes in my eating habits and changes in my work hours. I'm telling you, it has been HARD! UGH!!! It's still almost impossible to find time just for me. It's equally hard to eat 3 meals a day, but I'm commited to keep trying.
I will get past this. I am so-so thankful for those 4 good days. I try not to take those for granted anymore. My doctor said that it's a process of 2 steps forward and 1 step back. So if he's encouraged. . . we'll then I am too.
Thank you so much for all of your supportive comments, kind words and prayers. You have no idea how you've all touched my heart and brightened my days.
I love you ALL.


Julie Camacho said...

He is a handsome boy.

Lori Barnett said...

That is a great pic of you with your "men" hee hee hee. Still got you on my mind GF. (((HUGS)))

Audrey said...

Hi Stacey, It has been forever since I have looked at your blog and I am ashamed of myself. You are definately in my prayers. I too have been ill and tired and all the above like you, bu tmy problems are due to my kidneys and low renal function. I am ow on a vegan diet with no animal products whatsoever. Was hard to do at first butis getting better. I tire easily but the dr. put me on a calcium suppliment that seems to work if I don't take it I get very sick and super tired. I heaven't even posted on my own blog in weeks shame on me!!
you are in my thoughts and prayers. and I love the pic of you and your men. Your son is a real cutie and you bet the girls will be knocking down the door very soon.
Love ya girl!!