Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Busy Month of May

I don't know about you, but each month seems to get crazier than the last.  So for me. . .I have to plan, and I LOVE Happy Planners!!!  OMGOSH, what an addiction.  When my girls and I see that there is a sale on Happy Planner stickers and "stuff". . . we are quick to hit the road and watch the money fly.

What I also love. . .  is that I can use any and all of my Shimmerz Paints products in my planner.   My first love has always been stamping.  So stamping in my planner and using Shimmerz just makes perfect sense in my mind.  Since tulip season has passed. . . .it's time for my 2nd favorite flower. . . Poppies!!!  I used poppy stamps from and from Penny Black.

Once I stamped the poppies. . . . I reached for my Shimmerz Paints Acri-Tonez.  These are super fun paints.  They are mixable (which I did), they are super saturated with color. . .AND. . . if you are into mixed media -- there is no need for gesso!  The color combos are endless when you mixed them.  They are a ton-o-fun!!! ***A fun NOTE:  My pages did not wrinkle!!!!

I mixed Orange U Glad and Roses Are Red Acri-Tonez to get a peachy kind of color, and then once I had my flowers painted the way I liked them. . . I watered down my paint to splatter the background and add some drips.  I used Creameez on my stems and buds in Pining For You, and Lettuce Get Together.  Added a little Ride The Tide Creameez in the background . .. . and that was it!  A few more touches with left over Acri-Tonez. . . . don't wanna waste it. . . . and May was turning out to be a pretty month.

One other thing I REALLY like to add to my planner is what I call inspiration cards.  I like to do them double sided.  You know  . . . . .we all have tough days and just need a little reminder that it's all good and it will be ok.  These little inspiration cards do just that.  My Penny Black poppies, and a few background stamps got me started.  Then I finished with inspirational quotes from The Ton stamps.

So even if May brings challenges. . . .it can still make me smile.  I hope you will grab your Shimmerz Paints, and getting started planning out your summer.


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There is a GIVEAWAY this week, to help with your month of May creations.  These were my go to colors for this project.

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Kim Murray said...

The flowers are stunning!! Time is flying by so fast!!! ❤️❤️❤️ said...

Such fun and details all rolled up with these great colors!!