Friday, February 13, 2009

Moments from the Special Olympics World Games 2009

These boys were member of Team Uruguay.

Team Uruguay's gold medal win.

Team Gibraltar was really excited to show off their bronze medals.

This is a picture of me taken by a member of the Secret Service. He had to take a picture to prove that my camera was really a camera after he tore it apart. The number of Secret Service men was unreal before, during and after the Vice President's visit. Can you see I was just a bit perturbed by him going through my purse and camera literally piece by piece?

Members of Team USA. They won silver medals in floor hockey. Such sweet happy faces!

Pin trading was big business at the Special Olympics too.


LoRi said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! I love them all!

cats said...

Hi. Thanks for posting. I agree w/ the commenter who referred to the 'beautiful pictures'.
Diana shared a astory w/ us that I think you all might enjoy. She won a gold medal in the 07 games and it was a HUGE moment for her. Great sorty, check it out here: