Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The "F" Word Has Hit My Home

FLU!!! Oh, I just hate the word and all it implies. Poor little Gracie has had what I thought was just a bad cold (because she has had the flu shot). I really thought she was doing better. . . until. . . today. "Mommy my tummy hurts." Ooohh no! Yep, we have vomitting action on my new carpet, on my comforter (that is dry clean only), all over my bathroom. Poor baby girl. I feel so bad for her. I have cleaned the carpet, sent Sam to the dry cleaners and the store for Sprite and Ginger Snap cookies (they work wonders) and the biggest bottle of Lysol wipes known to man. Kaleb, Sami and I went to work and wiped down every surface we could think of that could be touched or even thought of being touched by little fingers. They both think I'm a bit crazy because I mentioned having the house fumigated. Maybe I get a little obsessive, but, I HATE THE FLU!!! We leave for vacation the end of March. I just won't allow fevers, runny noses or vomitting to go with us on this trip. Please send me cheery, non vomitting thoughts. :o)

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