Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Took A Moment

Cuteness! That's what they are. The church even has a bell in the tower that rings. LOVE IT!!

This Tool Shed even has an adorable little fence on it. The squirrels love this one.

Life has been beyond crazy for me the last two weeks. All the details of releasing Shimmerz Spritz has been at times overwhelming. I've had a couple of melt downs during all of it. I spent many long hours working and many late nights trying to get everything ready with May 20th fastly approaching. I guess you get to a point where you've done all you can and just have to (once again) realize that the Lord is in control. His hand is at work and all my stressing isn't going to change His plan.

So yesterday I decided to take just a few minutes to go in the back yard and just breathe.
I love birds! I love the sounds they make, I love to watch them eat at the many feeders we have. There is just something very relaxing about watching them flutter about. I also love bird houses. Mostly the (many, many) birdhouses that my Dad has made for me. They are full of charm, cuteness (is that a word?) and love. I make a request and then a couple of weeks later, Whaa-laa! there it is. I just love em and so do the birds. He makes them big, small and in between. I always have feathered friends around them.

Well, I have one Robin that decided to take up residence under my patio. She has been really fun to watch. We just discovered yesterday that she has two babies. We get the pleasure of watching her feed those sqwaking little mouths and protect them like only a mother can.

So I grabbed my camera and sat under her home and just watched her. It was like therapy. It was so relaxing. She just looked at me and I know it's wierd, but somehow knew that I wasn't going to hurt or bother her, cause I'm a mom too.

I was so thankful for those few moments of peace and relaxation. I hated to leave and go back to work.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Andrea said...

Those are fun!! Glad you were able to catch you're breath for a minute amongst the craziness you've been living! I need to go check out your business blog...and maybe just invest some money in it :) Can't believe I never have before!

Also, you're scrap space looks SO SO good! I love it!! Jeff gave me a little corner of the man room/playroom/now scrap room last year for my 30th. It's so fun.

O.k., one more thing. Sorry I read often, just don't comment often :) You're photos turned out great! I now know where to go if I ever need to hire an assitant :)

Andrea said...

oops...I meant your breath...not you'RE breath :)

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

So glad you found some time for yourself! Those bird houses are great! I love watching birds - it is so peaceful!

Audrey said...

Hi Stacey,
Loved the bird houses they are so unique! Your Dad does a wonderful job. That is something I know my
dad would have done for me if he were still alive. I miss him so much sometimes. I think that is also why I loce my hubie so much as he is so kind and loving like my Dad.
Back to the birds. We have humming birds aroundhere quite a few. When I get my studio bult in the back I am going to hang up a feeder for them and hopefully plant some flowers that will attract the butterflies also. I just love butterflies. I think they are one of God's most beautiful creatures.
Take some time for yourself, you deserve it girl!(after all it will all still be there later or tomorrow-I know easy to say but hard to do)!!
God Bless,

Audrey said...

Hey Stacey,
I watched your video on photobucket. Ver informative. I thought Shimmerez was like Twinkling H2O's and learned that itis not. Now I just need to save up some money to purchase a few. Thanks for the great information and tips.
Got Bless,
Also liked that you did the video in your new workspace. Looks GREAT!