Monday, June 1, 2009

A Special Sunday Afternoon

So many Sundays are a frantic day of playing catch up before Monday comes. Yesterday started that way. I had a long list of To Do's. I HAD to get the Shimmerz and Spritz video made and on the web-site. UGH!!! I can't begin to tell you how I didn't want to do that!!! After one huge panic attack I finally mustered up the courage and got it done. I must say I had a very dashing camera man! :o) Dave was able to first calm me down and then film the video just how I wanted it. He's just awesome! Go check it out at and let me know what you think. We'll be adding more videos very soon.
After the HUGE relief of the video being done we all kinda lost our ambition. We spent the rest of the day just dorkin'. I came into the bedroom to find a daddy and daughter moment. I just love how Gracie adores her daddy and likewise he enjoys being wrapped so tightly around that little finger. It was fun to just watch them interact with each other.
Dave has a unique relationship with the kids. He and Sami go for a drive or out to coffee. He spends time listening to her (mostly about boys) and sometimes laughing at her (like when she's learning to drive a stick shift and kills the car). He and Kaleb give each other a hard time. They watch "guy" movies together. They play some kind of wierd computer game together and just spend guy time. His relationship with Gracie is sweet and easy. She just wants to be with him, no matter what he's doing. No special agendas. She said to me, "Mommy, I get to go to the grocery store with Daddy today." I said, "Oooh, a Daddy and Gracie date." Her response was, "No, it's not a date. . . I just like to be with him." Ugh---so sweet.


Audrey said...

I just love how Gracie is with her Daddy. It reminds me of when my girls were young. They were both Dadd's girls. My oldest daughter when she was little knew about what time her Daddy came home from work and waited for him to come in, then I no longer existed as her Daddy was home.
I liked the video, very informative. I did not realize that Shimerz was paint, I htought it was like Twinkling H2O's, will have to save my pennies to get some. If you every need a testing person remember me-Ha Ha, I know you have a team for that. Theonlything is onthe video it seemed like you had more to say and the video stopped. It was nice to see you and her you, it made all these emails seem more personal.
God Bless!!

Audrey said...

sorry about all the misspellings and running together of words, I am in a bit of a hurry as I need to get to the store.
Have a blessed day!!

Amanda said...

Your video looked great!
Dad's and their little girls, so precious. I tell Jason all the time that he's the perfect dad for girls.

Michelle Lanning said...

Oh Stacey --- how I love the saying "dorkin'" around - I must use that!!

And your video was awesome by the way - I don't know why you fretted!!