Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Post Father's Day

We had a super busy week. The Shimmerz blog birthday was a HUGE success. We had approximately 500 entries for the grand prize. It was really fun. We will definately do it again.

We spent yesterday celebrating Dave. Because of the yucky rainy weather, we didn't get to go with our plan. It was disappointing. We took Dave to a late lunch and then just kinda lounged around. It was just a quiet day. He's such a great guy. He was just happy to be appreciated. We are very lucky to be blessed with him as a husband and father.

Dave and I worked on the downstairs bathroom, trying to get at least one part of the remodel finished. It's really close to being done. We had the floors tiled in the downstairs bathroom and the girls bathroom, and of course just like any remodel it can't just be easy. We have tiles in both bathrooms cracked. So that will have to be fixed. I'm not worked up about it because, I knew that something would happen, so I prepared myself for it. I'm certain it won't be the only hiccup either.

Can you guess what bugs me the most? Yep, it's the mess. Bags and boxes and STUFF everywhere. I couldn't believe what a mess cutting tile makes. . . and it was outside! I had to hose down my house. I tell myself to just look past it all and focus on the end result. :o)

Hope you all had a great weekend and that all the Father's in your life had a super great day.

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